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COCIR publishes report on radiotherapy equipment age profile and density in Europe

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Despite its impressive impact on clinical outcomes, there remains a large gap between how radiotherapy is currently being used in European healthcare settings and its most effective deployment, opines European industry association COCIR in a report titled ‘Radiotherapy Age Profile and Density‘. In addition, COCIR states that these gaps are being exacerbated by shortages of high-quality equipment. COCIR concludes that many patients are therefore failing to benefit fully from optimal treatment.

The report arises from a 2018 COCIR initiative proposing specific recommendations – the ‘Golden Rules’ – designed to help evaluate the radiotherapy installed base and assist with procurement planning. These recommendations balance the benefits of innovation against the obligation to derive maximum value from capital investment. This report compares the density and age profile of equipment in the selected countries against the ‘Golden Rules’.

COCIR Secretary General, Nicole Denjoy says, “This lack of access to the optimum radiotherapy technology is having a clear impact, both on patient outcomes and on a health economic perspective. Procurement of radiotherapy equipment is a long-term investment; it should be part of an overall national cancer plan, encompassing improved diagnosis, screening and other services. In addition, the equipment forms only part of a holistic solution, one that also needs to encompass effective modern infrastructure and human capacity development with appropriate skills and education, as well as sustainability.”