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MedTech Europe publishes paper on AI in MedTech

  • Posted by: inetika
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MedTech Europe has published a position paper titled ‘Artificial Intelligence in MedTech: Delivering on the Promise of Better Healthcare in Europe’, in which it welcomes the European Commission’s new focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and provides policy recommendations that are especially relevant for the healthcare sector. The medical technology industry “envisages a great potential of AI in improving healthcare throughout Europe when some challenges that currently impede its deployment have been overcome”, states the industry association.

One of the greatest benefits of AI is its ability to learn from real-world use and experience, through which it improves its performance. This characteristic could be of use in the healthcare sector as there has been a rapid growth in the amount of available health data on which to base performance improvements, the paper continues.

However, it notes, there are some technical, legal and social challenges that stand in the way of AI deployment. As a solution, the medical technology sector recommends, with reference to the policy measures drafted by the High Level Expert Group on AI, to align infrastructure in order to provide a consistent data flow; establish a strong governance framework; equip the workforce with the necessary skills; and invest in research and innovation as well as resources for implementation and deployment.

Copies of the position paper can be obtained from here.